Thursday, October 14, 2010

Intel shares NVIDIA?

Although analysts believe the rumors about Intel NVIDIA acquisition is unlikely to become a reality, but did not rule out Intel and Nvidia by way of a strategic stake in the potential partners, which may explain the reason why Nvidia stock soaring:

"In addition, due to market rumors that Intel will be announced within 24 hours of acquisition program has been an accomplished fact, the market shares again came Intel hope, reached a strategic alliance with NVIDIA, has bought in the market about 8 ~ 10% of the NVIDIA stock, and hope to join Intel, NVIDIA camp wholeheartedly, to reduce AMD chipset development, full development of the Intel platform integrated graphics chipset (IGP) and high-end enthusiast platform.

Another industry that MB, NVIDIA actually made for the Intel agreement also being careful evaluation, PC industry is large and increasing trend, although the strong technical strength, but alone, after all, remains extremely difficult.

MB industry that, in the double-A after the merger, Intel and NVIDIA will thus become intimate relationship is natural, but NVIDIA is in the heyday of the graphics chip market dominance, coupled with steadily rising the past two years, revenue, profitability even more ATI, NVIDIA Jen-Hsun Huang, chief executive and largest shareholder of the proposed merger should have little interest in, can not be hard to establish the NVIDIA hand over the Kingdom of people, so consider the shares of Intel for NVIDIA form strategic alliances are more favorable, the possibility of a relatively larger. "

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